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Free Legal Clinics

This year, our firm celebrates the forging of a terrific partnership with Tidewater Community College, which is the largest and most prosperous community college in the state of Virginia.  

We've all been hard at work coming up with a program to help our fellow Hampton Roads community members in learning more about the legal system and how to better deal with legal issues.  We understand there are members of the community who have questions about legal matters but cannot afford to consult directly with legal counsel.  Our hope is to help those people as much as possible.

In this vein, TCC has very generously offered to host a series of free legal clinics open to ALL Hampton Roads citizens.  These clinics will be offered once a month and will address a number of potential concerns our community members may have.  Community members will also help us to design future clinics tailored to their current concerns by offering us suggestions on topics to cover.  


Alternatively, you are welcome to suggest a clinic topic by clicking HERE.  (Please be advised that this link is only for topic suggestions.  Other contact links are provided at the bottom of our home page, or in the "contact us" section of our site.)

Below, you will find materials and links specific to the currently scheduled clinics.  You are welcome to download, print and/or share the provided brochures, if desired.  


Legal Clinics

General Info

2016 Legal Clinics General Info

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Legal Clinics
Content Info
SN&T Legal Clinic Schedule 2016

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