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Firm Operations 
 & Management


Director of Operations and Administration


             As Director of Operations for Stackhouse, Nexsen & Turrietta, Ms. Meier oversees all operational and administrative matters for the firm. 

             A lifelong "Jack-of-All-Trades", Ms. Meier is constantly seeking new ways to stay innovative and keep our organization lean and highly productive.   She handles the day-to-day operations of the firm as well as all planning, hiring, billing, marketing, website design/upkeep, personnel training and management, and administrative and operational planning and execution.   Ms. Meier also acts as senior legal support for Mr. Nexsen and provides other outreach support for community-related matters and activities.   Additionally, Ms. Meier provides legal support for our Partners and is a certified Notary Public in the Commonwealth of Virginia*.

             Ms. Meier's preferred method of contact is email, rather than cold calls.   Should you need any attention or assistance regarding daily operations or other non-legal matters, please feel free to contact her via electronic mail using the link provided above. 

(* Please note: Notary services are offered ONLY for our Clients, and only on appointment.  We choose to not charge for our Notary services and, therefore, do not offer them for members of the general public.  No exceptions will be made.)

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